TIDA-00554: Gerber and CAD file differences

Part Number: TIDA-00554
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I have been reviewing the files posted with TIDA-00554 DLP NIR Reference design and have a few questions regarding revisions. The files were all downloaded from:

We purchased two complete systems from the recommended supplier (not sure of the purchase details as they were purchased before I started with the company). I have noticed some variations in the numbers on the various boards used in the system. For example, the TIVA board is listed as TIDLP-23328-03 in the silk screen on the physical board, but in the Gerber files provided on the TI website it is listed as "23328-04 NIRscanNano_TIVA_board_gerber". Is the "-04" after the "23328" a revision?

The revisions became more of an issue on the DLPC board:

Within the tidrfm3.zip file, the "2514152_NIRscanNano_DLPC150_ALL_LAYERS.pdf" file on Layer 1 - Primary side appears to match well with the actual board. Similarly the "23327-05_NIRscanNANO_DLPC150_board_gerber" file from the tidcaj7a.zip file appears to match, but when we imported the board layout CAD files from the "23327-04_NIRscanNANO_DLPC150_board" folder in tidrfm4a.zip, the resulting visible layer did NOT match the board and Gerber, with much less of a "pour" around the various points (and therefore much more distance between most traces). Was there a reason for this change? Which one is the newer version (the gerbers in tidcaj7a.zip or the CAD files in tidrfm4a.zip)?

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Michael Pliska