TIDA-00554: DLPNIRNANOEVM design considerations technical consulting

Part Number: TIDA-00554
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Dear TI technical experts:

We have an environmental testing project using your DLPNIRNANOEVM DLP® NIRscanTm Nano Evaluation Module for project development. We want to further know some more design consideration about this module, as follows:

  1. We have learned that the slit part of the DLPNIRNANOEVM optomechanical structure includes a spring. What’s the function of the spring here?
  2. We know that grating are used for light splitting. The angle of incident light is related to the light splitting efficiency. So how is the design of the incident light angle considered in this DLPNIRNANOEVM module? Although you have provided design considerations of DLPNIRNANOEVM in the document "Texas Instruments DLP® Spectrometer Design Considerations", we did not find the corresponding information about how to confirm the optimal incident light angle.
  3. In the design scheme of DLPNIRNANOEVM, light is split through the grating and then concentrated to the DMD. What is the diffraction order selected here? Is it +1th order or -1th order?

Thank you for the DLP-based near-infrared spectrometer development module design proposal provided on your website. We look forward to your interpretation of the design considerations.

Hope that the above technical consultation does not infringe your rights.

Best Regards,