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TIDA-010042: TIDA-010042

Part Number: TIDA-010042
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LM5109, INA280, INA240, LM5009, LM5168

Hi, I have solar panel with output 15Watt and open circuit voltage 111V. I need to interface with TIDA-010042. TIDA-010042 maximum input voltage is 15 V to 60 V but our solar panel Voc is 111V max.

How to use TIDA-010042 in our application or any other IC suitable for out solar panel which Voc is 111Volt

  • Hello,
    To upgrade TIDA-010042 for 111V Solar panels there are quiet a few adjustments necessary, to hardware as well as to the software of this design.

    1. MOSFETs: All MOSFETS of the interleaved buck converter have to be changed to devices rated for 111V or higher, since the used CSD19531 is only rated for 100V.
        TI does not offer FETs above 100V so you need to go with a different vendor. Please also make sure the used Gate Driver LM5109 works with the newly elected MOSFETs

    2.Capacitors: The capacitors C33 and C34 have to be changed, since the are only rated for 100V

    3. Voltage Sensing: The resistor divider for the input voltage sensing needs to be adjusted to handle up to 111V. How the input voltage sensing circuit is working is described in       chapter 2.4.5 in the design guide

    4. Current sense amplifier: The INA240 has to be replaced , since it only allows for 80V of common mode voltage. Here something like the INA280 could work since it has a common mode voltage of 120V

    5. Change of Switching regulator LM5009: This regulator only supports 95V input voltage so you have to change it to something like the LM5168

    Since there need to be changes to most of the components, also the software has to be adjusted accordingly for the sensing circuitry. 

    As you can see most of the key components have to be changed, so this needs to be tested and checked in detail.

    Best regards,