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Digital gate logic in TI

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Yesterday I installed TINA TI on my computer. I'd like to simulate a circuit that constsist of some Op Amps and some digital logic gates like some OR ports. Is it possible to simulate that part, too. In other words: How to simulate digital logic in TINA TI?

Thank you for your support ...

  • Wim,

    Digital logic gates can be found using the search feature in TINA-TI. In the upper right corner area of the TINA-TI window, you will see a hand with a finger pointing icon. Click on the icon and enter the 74XX series of gate you are looking for (7432 is an OR gate). You then may place the TINA macro of the device. Once placed, you may select the device and right click on it for the menu. Click on Properties... and you will see the device number 74XX with an ellipsis after it. Click on the ellipsis and you can change the type of logic from TTL to HCT, LS, ALS (whatever is available for the particular gate you have chosen). The timing information will update with each selection.


  • Britt,

    Thank you for your help. I followed your instructions, and it worked fine. I can include this logic in my circuit, now. What I do not understand is why I do not have the tabs: Gates, Flip-Flops, Logic, ... as part of my toolbar. I also seem to miss the button to select the Digital Interactive mode.

    (I found an instruction at YouTube that suggests there is the Digital Interactive mode button).

    Would you know whether this feature isn't available in TINA-TI, or did I do something wrong when installing the software?

    Your advice is very much appreciated.





  • Wim,

    The free tool (TINA-TI) does not have all of the features that the full version of TINA (TINA Industrial) has. Any video on You Tube is probably using the full Industiral version that has such features. You can see a list of what the differences are from TINA-TI to TINA Industrial here:

    This is the FAQ for TINA-TI. TINA-TI does not have any of the interactive features that TINA Industrial has. Please let us know if you have any additional questions and thanks for your interest in TINA-TI.