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Importing ibis models in Pspice

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I've been trying to import ibis models in Pspice v16.6 and it always sends an error report. The specific models are the sn74aup1g74 and sn74aup1g14, which were downloaded directly from the TI webpage. 

Also I've tried using the spice models but they also seem to be faulty. Could someone tell me the correct way to use these models? I know that IBIS is not supported in TINA, but the spices models should be usable, yet they send an error too.

Thanks in advance,

  • ctrasvina,

    I have not used our IBIS models in PSpice v16.6. You may want to contact Cadence directly to help resolve the errors.

    The sn74aup1g74 does not have an IBIS or PSpice model in the product folder. The sn74aup1g14 has an IBIS model and an HSPICE model. The HSPICE model is encrypted and can only be used in HSPICE.

    TINA-TI does not support HSPICE models (encrypted or unencrypted).

  • Hello ctrasvina,

    I was unable to find any models for the sn74aup1g74. For the sn74aup1g14, there is an HSPICE model and IBIS model.

    PSPICE has the ability to import IBIS models using the Model Editor to import the tables and create a PSPICE model for the I/O buffer only. Our model is compliant with IBIS specifications, and I can only recommend that you contact your PSPICE support if you are having problems importing IBIS.

    The error you are seeing with the SPICE model is probably due to the fact that this is HSPICE, not PSPICE or TINA compliant. Ify ou require a PSPICE or TINA model, it works best for you to contact your local sales rep. They can put in a model request and track it to notify you when the model has been completed.


    David Larkin, Webench Design Center