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CCS/TIDA-01469: Motor Monitoring Using Wireless Vibration Sensor Reference Design Enabling Preventive Maintenance

Part Number: TIDA-01469

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I am not able to run the example code. Specifically, SimpleBLEPeripheral_motorMonitorWakeup function in simple_peripheral.c  is able to return when the system starts. But in the second time that it is triggered by a timer, this function does not return. Problem 2, the example code seems to not enable power saving, it is always working with a current around 65mA.

  • Heng, thank you for your interest in Texas Instruments' reference designs.  As this is an older design, please allow us a few business days for our Building Automation to review the example code and understand why it is not running.  Can you provide us with a screen shot that shows the error messages you are seeing within your program environment so we can see if we can replicate the problem?  Just reply to this thread and attach any screenshots or code examples. 

    You should hear back from our design team no later than next Monday by close of business, Dallas time

    Best Regards,

    John Fullilove

    Reference Design Operations

    Texas Instruments

  • Can you provide more information on which SDK you are using to build the software?  Also, can you let us know how you are debugging the code?

    For power savings, have you tried loading the pre-built binary onto your board?  Do you still see 65mA, or less?  Also, are you doing the power measurements with the JTAG connected or disconnected?  When JTAG is connected, it may cause higher current consumption. 

  • BLE SDK 2.2.1. I import the ccs project from the firmware: . After installing the firmware, there is a zip file inside called Then I found simple_peripheral_cc1350lp_app folder in it. 

    I use CCS to debug. Just run the debug of the simple_peripheral_cc1350lp_app project. I also tried to configure the optimization to 0 but no luck.

    I haven't tried the pre-built binary. Where can I find them? Not sure about the JTAG thing. I use usb cable to connect the launchpad.

  • After installing firmware, there are two pre-built binary files (simple_peripheral_cc1350lp_app.out and simple_peripheral_cc1350lp_stack.out).  Please try with those binaries to confirm whether the board is working as expected. 

    Have you also tried running the firmware without debugging?  The BLE protocol has strict timing and sometimes a breakpoint might cause the stack to operate incorrectly.  Can you try toggling an LED instead to see if you are entering the function call?

    For proper power measurement, recommend to remove the JTAG connection and LED (if you aren't using them), since these will cause an increase in power consumption.  To disconnect the JTAG, look at Launchpad P4 connection and remove the jumpers for the JTAG pin.  Leave the power and reset jumpers connected.  To disconnect the LED, remove the jumpers on P6 connectors.