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Ultralow-Power Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LMV324

Good afternoon, 

Please I'm working to build the exact design for the blood pressure and heart rate. and I want to read the signal using Labview so which part is not useful in the design  so i can take it from the BOM because i no need to mess with the Board.

As well I do have some other question about parts:

- the Buzzer do there is any part Number for that 

- R8 800K can I use one of the 0805 787k/0805 806k

- LCD1        CON20*2P do I need this part if I need the signal only through the Pc

- MBRA320  can I use the MBRA320T3G

- TPS763XX can I use TPS76333DBVR

- LMV324 can I use LMV324 sop-14

- MP3V5050 can use MP3V5050GC6U

- CAT24C32 can I use CAT24C32WI-GT3

- U11    BP300UF    Is there is any part number for this 

- Y1     XIAL-2*5V  is there is any part number for this 

The link for the BOM will be here

Thank you very much for your help and the best collaboration.

  • Hello,

    I'm not intimately familiar with this particular TI Design, but all the information we have is provided on the page as an example.  I am unable to further clarify part numbers not stated in the BOM.   Thanks for understanding.  

    Based on the block diagram in the User's Guide, I would say that the LCD and Buzzer are not critical and could be removed if you rather connect to a PC instead when you design your system.  In that case, you probably won't be using battery-powered either so you probably would update the regulator to support your input voltage.  

    Good luck!


  • Can you please provide me the Parts which need to be changed or taken off. to make the blood pressure running from the computer

    thank you a lot