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[FAQ] Upcoming Features BIOS7 and TI CLANG

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: ARM-CGT, Z-STACK

Upcoming Features BIOS7 and TI CLANG

We are excited to announce new upcoming features being supported in the CC13x2 and CC26x2 SDK.

Between the July-2021 (5.20.00) and the July-2022 SDKs(6.20.00) TI will be releasing significant improvements to this SDK by supporting the new TI Clang compiler and TI-RTOS / SYS/BIOS 7.0.0 (BIOS7) update.

We recommend customer who are starting new development programs to leverage the latest available RTOS and compiler technology when available.

What to expect in this SDK roadmap:

Compiler Timeline

Version Date TI ARM-CGT TI Clang
5.20.00 July-2021 Full example and library support. Recommended production compiler. Prototyping and build support for most examples and devices.
5.30.00 - 6.10.00 Sept-2021 - April-2022 No new examples added. Production support still in SDK. Production support transitionally available per SDK Component.
6.20.00 July-2022 TI ARM-CGT examples and libraries removed from the SDK. Production support available for entire SDK.

RTOS Timeline

Version Date SYS/BIOS 6.x.x SYS/BIOS 7.x.x
5.20.00 July-2021 Library support and nearly all examples ported to TI Clang Not Available
5.30.00 - 6.20.00 Sept-2021 - July-2022 No new examples added. Individual SDK Components will be removing example support. BIOS7 Kernel Available. Existing examples porting to BIOS7.
6.30.00 October-2022 BIOS6 kernel, UIA andXDCTools dependency removed from SDK. Full SDK support for BIOS7 on all products and components.

SDK Component Support Status:

SDK Component TI Clang Recommended for Production BIOS7 Example Support
TI 15.4 Stack X X
TI Proprietary RF X X
TI Bluetooth(R) 5 (BLE5-Stack) X X
TI OpenThread X Partial
TI Z-Stack X X
TI Drivers X X
TI DriverLib X X

Note: this table will be filled out as support is added.

For more information on the TI Clang Compiler -

For more information on TI-RTOS / SYS/BIOS-7 - Look for the TI-RTOS release notes in the 5.30.00 CC13x2 and CC26x2 SDK.