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CC1352P7: Error in SysConfig when switching to 20dBm RF design

Part Number: CC1352P7
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SYSCONFIG, CC2652PSIP, CC2651P3

I met a problem when I tried to switch to the LP_CC1352P7-2 RF design to enable 20dBm for CC1352P7 in simple_peripheral example.

CCS version: 11.2.0

SDK: simplelink_cc13xx_cc26xx_sdk_6_10_00_29

SysConfig: 1.12.0

I did the following steps:

1. Import simple_peripheral_LP_CC1352P7_4_tirtos_ccs

2. Select LP_CC1352P7-2 in simple_peripheral.syscfg -> RF Design -> Based On RF Design

3. An error appeared in RF STACKS -> BLE -> Radio, indicating that the RF Design does not match with the option in RF DESIGN -> RF Design. But there is no option for LP_CC1352P7-2 in this column, only P7-1 and P7-4, so I'm not able to select a matching design.

Is this a bug in SysConfig? How do I enable the 20dBm RF design?

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  • If you look at the schematic for LP_CC1352P7_4 you see that this Launchpad supports 20 dBm @2.4 GHz. Do you need to set the design type to something else than LP_CC1352P7_4? 

  • Hi TER,

    Thanks for clarifying, I have noticed the LaunchPad supports 20dBm with some modification of the BOM by following your instruction. However, the power table generated by SysConfig only contains up to 10dBm with the LP_CC1352P7-4 board name.

    I have verified that the 20dBm power table can be generated with the LP_CC1352P7-2 in the host_test example, but the option is not available in simple_peripheral due to the error I mentioned above. I'm thinking if there is a convenient way such as by selecting the board name to generate a 20dBm setting in the software.



  • I will check how the syscfg files can be changed to get what you need. 

  • It looks like this is possible by changing two files:

    <sdk install path>\source\ti\devices\radioconfig\.meta\config\cc1352p7\targets\target_launchxl-cc1352p7-4_highPA.json:

    Seach for RFDesign and change the line according to below:

    "RfDesign": "LP-CC1352P7-2_20dBm",

    <sdk install path>\source\ti\devices\radioconfig\.meta\rfdesign.syscfg.js

    Line 61: Comment out as shown below:

    const TargetPA10 = ["LAUNCHXL-CC1352P-4", "LP_CC2652PSIP", /*"LP_CC1352P7-4",*/ "LP_CC2651P3, 10DBM"];


    With these changes I was able to set the TX power o 20 dBm and compile. 

  • Hi TER,

    It works, thanks very much!

    Can we consider to add the 20dBm setting to the SDK example in the future SDK? It is a commonly asked question from Chinese customers.



  • I have raised a question internally about this.