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CC2652RB: Error report when build project.

Part Number: CC2652RB

Hi team,

Here's the request from the customer:

Customer added a thread to the mian function of the simple_peripheral, but the error report says:

error #10234-D: unresolved symbols remain error #10010: errors encountered during linking; "simple_peripheral_LP_CC2652RB_tirtos_ccs.out" not built

The pthread header file is also included in the mian file.

Why does this problem occur?

Could you help check this case? Thanks.

Best Regards,                                                       


  • Hi Nick,

    Can the customer please provide their main.c modifications so that we may further understand their attempt to add a task to the project?  Currently I assume that they are not including pthread.h however task initialization should look very similar to SimplePeripheral_createTask and as instructed in the Tasks section of the BLE5-Stack User's Guide.


  • Hi Ryan,

    The first picture above is the part customer modified in main.c.

    The reason why he modified it is because he have done a project development on the spimaster project and the thread function is used in the spimaster project. He want to transmit the data collected through The bluetooth.

    Therefore he started to try to combine the spimaster project with the simple_peripheral project, however the simple_peripheral project uses the SimplePeripheral_createTask function.

    He tried to add a thread function in the main function, but the above error report occurred.

    How to deal with these?

    Best Regards,                                                       


  • Although I would still prefer that they provide a code example and attempt using the Task configuration as suggested, the origin of the issue they are observing is that their BLE project's configuration file (*.cfg for TI-RTOS, *.syscfg for TI-RTOS7) does not have the Posix configuration enabled.

    /* ================ POSIX configuration ================ */
    var Settings = xdc.useModule('ti.posix.tirtos.Settings');
    if ($name.match(/iar/)) {
         * For the IAR target, the 'ti.posix.tirtos.Settings' uses the
         * MultithreadSupport module. By default, the MultithreadSupport module
         * use the '--threaded_lib' library which provides a separate 'errno'
         * per thread and makes other rts libraries reentrant. This library has
         * a larger footprint which can be a problem for some apps, so we
         * override the default and disable it here.
        var MultithreadSupport = 
        MultithreadSupport.enableMultithreadSupport = false;