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CC2642R-Q1: Test RF metrics using the device CMW500, communicating through the USB-serial interface and the 2642 development board

Part Number: CC2642R-Q1

Hi team:

The device is set to direct test mode, which is used to control the chip by HCI instructions?

The cmw500 shows lower RF power, around 1 dBm. The chip manual maximum output power is 5 dBm. The question is:

The instrument sends HCI commands over serial interface. Is the power control transmitted the maximum transmit power?

2, can this HCI instruction be given to us?

3, on the development board, the device C14 is removed and C24 is soldered to 0 ohms. Is this low output power due to matching issues? Is there a suggested value for C24?

Best regards


  • Alex,

    First please verify the latest SDK is being used for your testing. You can download the latest version of the SDK here. The latest version is: and it was released on June 22 2023. It has an update to the PA table that is used during direct test mode that will directly affect the output power of the CC2642R-Q1 device.

    You can execute individual HCI instructions using the BTool application that is apart of the SDK which can be found in the following directory in the SDK folder: \tools\ble5stack\btool. A screen shot of the BTool window is attached.  BTool can be used once the host_test has been flashed.

    Using 0ohm for C24 should not cause a matching issue, you can continue to use the 0ohm resistor.

    Also, to verify there are no issues with the launch pad, please measure the output power of the board using the latest version of Smart RF Studio 7 to control the device. If the power is still low with the latest version of Smart RF Studio 7, then this may mean there is a hardware issue. 



  • Using BTool for testing, you experience the following problems: the instruction to change the transmit power HCIExt_SetTxPower, then is the corresponding test instruction HCIExt_ModemTestTx? 

    2, tested with HCIExt_ModemTestTx instruction, the RF power shown is not as expected, the RF power shown is -0.34dBm for transmit power of 5dBm. the transmit power of 0 dBm corresponds to a displayed RF power of -8.05 dBm. what is the cause of this? 

  • Alex,

    Based on the version of the BTool you are using from your screen shot it appears you are using an old version of the SDK, you have to download and use the BTool found in the latest SDK this will ensure the correct PA setting is applied when commanding the CC2642R-Q1 for 5dBm output power. The BTool version that is included with the latest SDK is v1.43.03. Also, I noticed you are using "HCI Extended" BTool commands, you should be using standard "HCI" commands in the Adv. Commands tab. 

    Also, what is the insertion loss of the cable you are using to connect the board to the CMW500? You would need to remove the loss of the cable from the measured output power to get the true output power of the board.  



  • Hello, BTool has been replaced with v1.43.03 and still has low power when testing with CMW500

    the center frequency point is set correctly for non-signaling testing and the loss of wire is taken into account for the measurement. the CMW500 does not work with the Trigger signal. I would like to ask you to do a non-signaling test burn the \simplelink cc13xx cc26xx SDK 7_10 00 98\examples \ RTOS\CC26X2R1 LAUNCHXL \ble5stack\host_test project

    and does the flashing program require the latest SDK version to be compiled?

    2, does sync word affect the test results during the test? How do I view and modify the pairing code in BTool to match BTool?

    3、Can BTool do non-signaling, and if so, how? If not, what software should be used to set it up?

    4, how should the device be connected when testing the RX?

  • Alex,

    As mentioned in my last message you have to use the latest SDK along with the latest version of the BTool. The latest version of BTool comes included with the latest version of the SDK . Without the updated SDK you won't see an improvement in output power.  I don't have access to a CMW500 tester so I can not duplicate your test. I also recommend verifying your board is capable of outputting 5dBm before continuing to troubleshoot your power problem using CMW500. 

    You should be able to verify your board output power using Smart RF Studio 7 and a spectrum analyzer or RF power meter. You can find the latest version of Smart RF Studio 7 here.