CC2340R5: Peripheral + Central

Part Number: CC2340R5
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I'm developing a Bluetooth Low Energy application with the CC2340R5 microcontroller. The application has two Roles: as a Peripheral, which sends data to a mobile app, and as a Central, which connects to another peripheral to read values from a characteristic.

The Peripheral function is already working perfectly. I developed the application based on the examples provided in the SDK.

What I'd like to ask the community for is an example that implements both functions. Since I'm using this microcontroller and the SDK for the first time, I'm not familiar with these features and don't have a starting point.

It would be great if someone could share an example where the CC2340R5 acts as both a Peripheral and a Central. This would be extremely helpful for me as I am exploring these functionalities for the first time.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for reaching out. The basic_ble example is able to operate in both central and peripheral mode. Through the SysConfig GUI, you are able to select the role and can select a multirole configuration. Once this is done, the project will be able to both scan, advertise, accept connections and initiate connections. I highly recommend referencing this example as you add the central functionality to you project.

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