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Linux/BOOST-CC2564MODA: SS1BTPM crash at power on

Part Number: BOOST-CC2564MODA
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC2564MODA, CC256XCQFN-EM, CC2564C, CC2564MODN

Tool/software: Linux

I'm testing with BOOST-CC2564MODA wired to our OSD335x module custom board, with uart wired directly to CC2564MODA board uarts. BluetopiaPM and examples configured and compiled as described in the wiki, and using the AM335xBluetopiaLinuxProduction- SS1BTPM starts and is left running in the background. LinuxDEVM goes:


DEVM>1 1

BTPM_Initialize() Success: 0.

DEVM_RegisterEventCallback() Success: 5.


DEVM_QueryDevicePowerState() Success: Off.

DEVM>10 1

Server has been Un-Registered.


SS1BTPM has crashed with segmentation error, no other info anywhere. Running SS1BTPM with strace doesn't give any other info either. How can I get any info on where it crashes and why? Do I have to have the tibt segment in the DTS, I've been using the tibt folder and the config file so far, since I only need to specify the uart port. I'm expecting I test out the module without wiring the nshutdown_gpio by just using the switch on the BOOST-2564MODA board for now. Just to verify that the nshutdown_gpio isn't the issue, I configured it to free gpio that goes out to testpoint and configured it to /sys/class/gpio as instructed in the wiki.

I'm running a buildroot generated linux with kernel "4.14.79 #1 SMP Wed Apr 24 14:21:41 EEST 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux". UART has been working as usual for our console before. BluetopiaPM kit was compiled with "arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 8.2-2018-08 (arm-rel-8.23)) 8.2.1 20180802"

Any suggestions on how to insert  more debugging to SS1BTPM to see what goes wrong? Or suggestions on the cause of the crash?