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420Mhz to 470Mhz RF RSSI value measurement

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC1310, CC113L

Hi!. I`m Eugenio Mercol from Argentina. I`m developer and I need support about "what family of micrprocessor based on RF" could I use for my application?

Project specifications

It should be a microprocessor with integrated RF of the type perhaps of the family CC430, CC310, etc. or the one that you advise me .. I need the one with the lowest possible cost and with sufficient benefits for my project

Currently I use the HopeRF module "RFM69" plus ATMEL328, which has plenty of features for my application, since it is a transceiver module and I only need a receiver

Project details.

* I need to read the RSSI value of the RF signal present in the air in a radius of 50mt, at frequencies between 420Mhz and 470Mhz, during 5 minutesand stop to read.
In a closed loop of software, starting the reading at center frequency = 420, and increasing the frequency by 2Mhz, I must read the RSSI value and compare it with a fixed value of a variable, during each increment.
I increase the frequency again by 3 Mhz and make a new reading of the RSSI value, until reaching 470Mhz.
At 470 Mhz I reset the frequency value to 420Mhz.
When the RSSI value, at any of the frequencies and in any of the cycles, exceeds a fixed set value stored in a global variable, a digital output must be set high for 5 seconds and then this digital output must be turned low.
Each cycle of frequency scan and RSSI read can take up to 2 to 3 seconds

You can see the diagram in the attached document.


1* - No data must be readed

2* - Only used like recepetor

3* - Never will be used like transmissor

4* - No data packed must be readed, confirmed, or validated.

5* - Only reads RSSI value of RF signal present in the air aroud 50 meters, beetween 420 to 470 Mhz

6* - Low Power consuption is not requested

7* - Very Low cost microprocessor is requested.


Based in all this information, wich is the best family miocroprocessor option for my project?

Thank you very much

  • Hi, 

    If you need a microcontroller then CC1310 will do the job. If you only need a transceiver you can look ac CC1101E which cover the band you need. A cheaper, receiver only alternative is CC113L, but it it will not support 470 MHz as it is limited to 387-464 MHz.