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LP-CC1312R7: How to run radio_test_lib_app_ex.exe on CC1312R7

Part Number: LP-CC1312R7
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC1312R7, CC1352R, CC1310, CC1352P7

Hello, I'm trying to run the Radio Test Library prebuilt application example ("radio_test_lib_app_ex.exe") with 2x LaunchXL-CC1312R7 kits.  I want to test in 802.15.4 mode (Wi-SUN).  But I'm having a few problems:

  1. CC1312R7 is not listed in the menu "Select connected device name". 
  2. When I try a few "similar" device names, the tests don't work.
  3. E.g. When I try "10      CC1352R_IEEE_15_4" I get the following message:

    Connecting to device failed!

    Error: Device access failed: Failed to start target after loading the FW image: ..\config\firmware\studio_fw_cc13x2_cc26x2_rev2_sram.bin.
    Program counter = 0x2000381d
    Device ID = 0x1bb7702f
    User ID = 0x10828000

  4. When I instead try "5       CC1310" I get the following different message:
    Link test started...
    Link test ended with packet errors:
    Number of packets received: 0
    Number of packets received OK: 0
    Number of packets received NOK: 0
    Packet error rate: 100
    Average RSSI: 0 dBm
  5. I also tried "23      CC1352P7_IEEE_15_4" and got this:
    TX device id: XDS-L24000UW
    Reading command settings for RX device failed!: Configuration parameter error: Target definition not found for target:
    Reading command settings for TX device failed!: Configuration parameter error: Target definition not found for target:

Basically, I can't run any tests on the CC1312R7 because it's not in the "connected device name" list.  Note that it's not a problem with my CC1312R7 units, they work just fine in SmartRF Studio.

Which firmware binary should be used on CC1312R7 for RF test?  Why do none of the existing device names work for this chip?

  • Hi Owen,

    The CC1312R7 has not (yet) been added to the radio_test_lib_app_ex example, but the Radio Test Library does support it.

    If you are able to modify and build the example yourself, I will be able to help you with what changes you need to do to enable support for CC1312R7.