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.bin file for OAD not getting generated (CC1350)

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I'm trying to generate a .bin file for OAD for CC1350 using the steps listed in project0. I am able to generate the .hex file but when I use the python script to generate the .bin file, the resulting .bin file has a size of 0 bytes. Basically, it's an empty file and contains no data.

What am I missing?

Additional question: Is it possible to skip the OAD process and just flash the Node and Concentrator example projects manually over USB connection?



  • Can you post the cmd line you are using for the script?
  • Regarding the question:

    "Additional question: Is it possible to skip the OAD process and just flash the Node and Concentrator example projects manually over USB connection?"

    Yes this is normally the way it is done using the debugger and Emulator on the Launch Pads. This is can be done after step 1 of the Project 0 steps:

    "Import rfWsnDmNode from the Resource Explorer in Code Composer Studio."

    After this connect the Board via USB and you can follow the steps in the resource explorer to build, download and debug the example without the OTA.

  • I have the same problem. Have someone found a solution?
  • The command I use is:
    python rfWsnDmNodeOAD_CC1350_LAUNCHXL_TI.hex -ob rfWsnDmNodeOAD_CC1350_LAUNCHXL_TI_oad.bin -m 0x1000 -r :0xE000
  • I'm sorry but I have to ask you again the same question because I can't find a solution, unluckly I don't know python and I've tried for hours with different configurations without results.
    I alwaas get an empty file if I follow project0. Any ideas?
  • Ok, I got something.

    I've commented this part of the code:

    # Determine if normal output should be presented
    #if vargs.quiet or (vargs.hexfile[0] is sys.stdin) or (vargs.out is sys.stdout) or (vargs.outbin is sys.stdout):
    # oldPrint = __builtin__.print
    # def myprint(*args, **kwargs):
    # pass
    # __builtin__.print = myprint

    and I've changed INT_FL_RSVD_PG31 from 0x1F000 to 0x2F000.
    So, now the script works and I have my bin file, but my question is: will it work?
    Do you think that I can try an upgrade from BLE?

  • It doesn't work yet.
    I've seen that script fails because at the end of my hex file I have a reference to address FFA8.


    What do I have to do?
  • Hi Matteo,

    I never solved the problem. I actually did not need the OAD flashing feature. I just flashed the concentartt and node examples directly through the debugger.

  • Hi Vivek,
    so we have to wait for somebody helping us... but I suggest TI developers to focus on the last part of file bin I've posted...

  • Hi Vivek,
    I don't know if you are still interested but we've solved this issue: you need to follow this tutorial:

    And in particular you have to follow point 7: "Right-click on the file ccfg.c file, select the item Exclude from Build".