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LAUNCHXL-CC1350: Simple_peripheral example won't run

Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC1350
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC1350, TIDA-01469, BLE-STACK

I'm trying to get the simple_peripheral example code to run on the CC1350 LaunchPad (rev 1.3).  I've built and loaded the app and stack using CCS, but when I run the execution never makes it to SimpleBLEPeripheral_taskFxn.  Here is where I'm getting the app and stack:


  • Hi Gus,

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  • Hi Gus,

    This is a very old version of the software. I can help you debug if you want (it should still work) but I would recommend you to use the newest version of this example, found in the SimpleLink CC13x0 SDK:

  • Unfortunately I need this version.  The simple_peripheral example from this version is the base for TIDA-01469, which is ultimately what I need to run.  TIDA-01469 is also not running after I re-build the firmware and I'm trying to figure out why.

  • Hi Gus,

    I just tested with BLE-Stack 2.2.1 and I am not able to reproduce what you're seeing. Simple peripheral runs without issue.

    Did you make any code changes?

    Did you program both app and stack projects?

    Can you post a screen dump of what happens if you try to pause the debug session after pressing play?

  • Marie,

    I noticed the following warning flagged by CCS:

    "This project was created using a version of compiler that is not currently installed - 5.2.6 [ARM]. Another version of the compiler will be used during build - 16.9.1.LTS. See 'Help > Install New Software' and select 'Code Generation Tools Updates' to check if this compiler is available through a CCS update."

    I went ahead and downloaded and installed the ARM compiler version 5.2.6, deleted the CCS simple_peripheral projects, re-imported and rebuilt them.  Now the example is working ok. By ok I mean I can see the board using the BLE scanner app on my phone.  I can also reach a breakpoint placed in SimplePeripheral_taskFxn.

    As a sanity check, I rebuilt the working app and stack project using the newer compiler, v 16.9.1, and reloaded the projects.  This time the code didn't run (board doesn't show in BLE scanner app and I never reach breakpoint in SimplePeripheral_taskFxn).  The compiler version seems to be the culprit here.