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Part Number: CC3235MODSF

I am getting this error:   "ERROR: process command,-6"  while firing  AT+WlanSetMode = STA (ending with \r\n or only \n )command from MCU. Can you please suggest to overcome on that issue. I just tried keeping MCU in boot mode and tested with  serial terminal then it works fine so may be some issue from my controller side. Please suggest. But strange thing is that when I am firing AT+TEST from my MCU then it is giving proper OK response then I can't understand where is issue so please suggest me to overcome on this issue. 

  • Is this the first AT commands that you are sending?

    you can set a break point in the AT Command example code to see that it gets the command as expected (see ATCommands_readCmd in at_commands.c e.g. put a breakpoint in line 199 and follow up with the code).



  • Hi Kobi,

    Please see my AT Command log when I firing AT commands from MCU,






    ERROR: process command,-2005

    here I am sending each command with \n\r as suggested in at_commands.c. I have put breakpoint after each command then I have tested and log you can see as above. Still I have issue. Please help me to understand exact issue to over come on it.

  • Have you installed the latest SP (

  • Ho Kobi, 

    Yes I have installed Latest service pack

    I am getting proper response when I am firing command from pc serial terminal like Dicklight but when firing command from mcu by code then actually getting issue.  Only AT+Test\r and AT+Stop=0\r getting right response but after that I m trying AT+ Start\r but not getting proper response and another way trying first at+test and after that sta mode command but in that time also only at+test command only gives proper response no other command gives proper response. Is my mcu side uart issue. Please give me some suggestion to overcome on this issue

    Ome more thing i am getting eco response in serial terminal e. g.

    When firing


    Getting responss




  • Hi Kobi,

    Problem is sorted out. I had done one mistake that cc3235modsf flash pins (spi based) are connected to mcu and that are not configured. When I have removed it that then problem is resolved and now getting response of every command. Thanks Kobi  once again for your support.

  • ok. thanks for the update.