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SIMPLELINK-SDK-WIFI-PLUGIN: Trouble adding WiFi plugin compatibility to new project

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I am currently assisting a team in starting a new project where we intend to use the WiFi plugin along with the CC3120MOD boosterpack for the MSP432P401R. I have worked with this setup before but never on a from-scratch project.

I started a fresh MSP432P401R project using the empty project from the MSP432 SDK, so I see the MSP432 SDK linked and included, but I am not seeing the WiFi SDK included even after adding it under the Products tab. The is causing an issue where CCS is not able to include any drivers from the WiFi plugin, as CCS cannot find the location of the source files.

I haven't found any documentation online on how to properly set up a CCS project so it will be able to include everything from the WiFi plugin, so I figured I would reach out here.

Also, I saw a separate forum post on this issue, but I wanted to clarify: do I need to copy the "ti_drivers_config" and "ti_drivers_net_wifi_config" files over from one of the WiFi plugin examples?

Below are some attached screenshots from my workspace.



  • Hi Greg,

    I think the easiest way to include the necessary CC32XX Wi-Fi Plugin source files is to add them as an include in your build settings. You can reference the "network_terminal_MSP_EXP432P401R_freertos_ccs" project's include settings:

    Some of these source files will need to be included directly in your project. For example, both "ti_drivers_config.c" and "ti_drivers_net_wifi_config.c" should be copied into your project. I would reference an example from the SIMPLELINK-SDK-WIFI-PLUGIN to see what files should be copied into the project.

    You can also find more user guides and documentation in the docs/ of the Simplelink SDK Wi-Fi Plugin. 


  • Hi Jacob,

    Thank you for the super quick response!

    This led me in the right direction to solving the issue. I had previously overlooked that Include Options window.

    It looks like the pathway to the WiFi plugin location listed on the Include Options page was not being recognized. The pathway that was there by default (after adding the WiFi plugin through Products) was listed as ${COM_TI_SIMPLELINK_MSP432_SDK_WIFI_PLUGIN_INSTALL_PATH}, but checking the Details window from the Products page showed me I needed to fix the pathway to ${COM_TI_SIMPLELINK_MSP432_SDK_WIFI_PLUGIN_INSTALL_DIR}.

    Changing this fixed the <ti/drivers/net/wifi/simplelink.h> right away.

    Thanks a bunch,