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CC3235SF: CLI script to automate file loading and device programing causes file to not be found

Part Number: CC3235SF
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I am working to create a script to automate our file system loading for the MCU image and aws certificates. I can get the script to successfully run but the program no longer reads the AWS certificates(shown below) when i program the unit from the bash console.

When i manually load the certificates through uniflash it works fine(setup shown below).

*the second iot_id.txt was when i overwrote the file but it shows up as a seperate file.

here is the script:


./dslite.bat --mode cc32xx project new --name My_Test_Project --device CC3235SF --mode development –overwrite

./dslite.bat --mode cc32xx project add_file --name My_Test_Project –-file C:/ti/uniflash_7.0.0/dummy-root-ca-cert --fs_path dummy-root-ca-cert

./dslite.bat --mode cc32xx project add_file --name My_Test_Project --file C:/ti/uniflash_7.0.0/tisigner.crt.der --fs_path tisigner.crt.der

./dslite.bat --mode cc32xx project add_file --name My_Test_Project --file C:/ti/uniflash_7.0.0/ce19e27d65-certificate.pem.crt --fs_path root/cert/aws-cert.pem.crt --flags vendor --token 1952007250 --cert tisigner.crt.der --priv C:/ti/uniflash_7.0.0/tisigner.key --overwrite

./dslite.bat --mode cc32xx project add_file --name My_Test_Project --file C:/ti/uniflash_7.0.0/ce19e27d65-private.pem.key --fs_path root/cert/aws-private.pem.key --flags vendor --token 1952007250 --priv C:/ti/uniflash_7.0.0/tisigner.key --cert tisigner.crt.der --overwrite

./dslite.bat --mode cc32xx project add_file --name My_Test_Project --file C:/ti/uniflash_7.0.0/thing_name.txt --fs_path root/cert/iot_id.txt --flags vendor --token 1952007250 --priv C:/ti/uniflash_7.0.0/tisigner.key --cert tisigner.crt.der --overwrite

./dslite.bat --mode cc32xx project add_file --name My_Test_Project --file C:/ti/uniflash_7.0.0/leafi_firmware_0.1.2-rc4.bin --mcu --flags vendor --token 1952007250 --priv C:/ti/uniflash_7.0.0/tisigner.key --cert tisigner.crt.der --max_size 1048576 --overwrite

./dslite.bat --mode cc32xx project set_sp --name My_Test_Project --file C:/ti/uniflash_7.0.0/

./dslite.bat --mode cc32xx project set_certstore --name My_Test_Project --file C:/ti/uniflash_7.0.0/certcatalogPlayGround20160911.lst --sign C:/ti/uniflash_7.0.0/certcatalogPlayGround20160911.lst.signed_3235.bin

./dslite.bat --mode cc32xx device info

./dslite.bat --mode cc32xx project program --name My_Test_Project  --dev