WL1837MOD: Reassociation request takes too long

Part Number: WL1837MOD


We are using WL1837MOD. And we notice that sending re-association request takes rather long.

CPU: armv7l

Kernel: 5.4.47

wlcore: PHY firmware version: Rev
wlcore: firmware booted (Rev

We are also using wpa_supplicant with TI patches from here git.ti.com/cgit/wilink8-wlan/hostap/

We are developing device for which Wi-Fi roaming speed is critical.
We are seeing that for this interface to send reassoc request takes approx 500ms, but first assoc is instantaneous.

From supplicant I can see that operation that takes all this time is netlink operstate change to dormant
netlink: Operstate: ifindex=10 linkmode=-1 (no change), operstate=5 (IF_OPER_DORMANT)

Also we have heard that this is common for TI Wi-Fi interfaces.

Do you know what is causing this and how can we improve?