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CC3220MODA: definitions for power modes

Part Number: CC3220MODA


I'd like to put my CC3220MODA into shutdown mode but it looks not clear for me.

In the SWRS206C(datasheet) page.2 defines "Shutdown" mode which consumes 1uA and page 61 Table 6-2 states details of it.

However, in the SWRU465 page 497, Figure 15-2 does not show the Shutdown mode and there is no "Shutdown" word in this entire document.

Plus, in PowerCC32XX.h, line 177, there is "SHUTDOWN" event definition but there is no "HIBERNATION".

From a code perspective, Power_shutdown() function is named "shutdown" but this function treats hibernate operations inside.

Trying "Power_shutdown(0, 0)" does not put the device into "Shutdown" mode.

As a walkaround, I called below

but current consumption is about 4uA which means the device is in the hibernate mode.
So my questions are
  1. SWRS206C VS SWRU465. Which is correct? Do I have "Shutdown" mode that consumes 1uA?
  2. If so, what is correct way to put the device into shutdown mode?
  • I believe the datasheet provides the clearest description. 

    You can also refer to

    Shutdown is controlled by the nRESET pin (i.e. not through the PRCM registers as in LPDS/Hibernate - this is the reason it is not appears at the PRCM chapter of the TRM). In this mode all the device logics are off.

    Hibernate and LPDS are set through the PRCM. I believe the PowerCC32XX driver refers to hibernate as shutdown by mistake.