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CC3200 with Camera - Where to Get CC3200 Camera Booster Pack Rev 3.0...

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Good morning folks, 

I am interested in building the Camera application as desricbed here:

This seems to be a great way to get started with a Camera app.  The MT9D111 (or equivalent) can be easily found (eBay for example).  But I can't even find a listing for the CC3200CAMBOOST board that appears in the photo at that linked site.  Also, it appears that there are some sky wires on that Booster board. 

Does anyone know if this will soon be available for purchase? 

Many thanks!  Best, 


  • Hello Eric, yes, the part is very suitable for implementing camera based end applications. 

    The camera booster pack is being finalized for production and you should see that released early/mid 3Q this year. Stay tuned!



  • Thanks very much Gagan! 


    I was excited to buy and try straight away, but I will stay tuned in eager anticipation! :-)




  • Hello Gagan,

    I was too impatient to wait, so I decided to hack together my own module.

    I simply used the same MT9D111 module that the booster pack is slated to use.

    Wiring the camera, going through the doc and loading the code got me fairly far.

    The webpage is being served with the default image, and I can see camera data flowing down the lines on the oscilloscope.

    This is however where I hit a snag.

    The webpage loads, and the camera data is clearly going into the chip (data lines seem good, clock and HSYNC, VSYNC all good, I2C config happens at boot).

    However, I never get the image out, the webpage just shows a null (blank) image when I click the button to grab an image.

    Is this a know problem? Is there a misconfig of some sort?

    I have attached images of the jumper configuration I have it currently running with.

    Thanks for the advice,

    Ilia Baranov

  • Also, as a side note, the programming of the board fails fairly often.

    To actually get my code loaded, I must press debug, unplug the board, wait for the failure message, plug again, and repeat this process 3-4 times until it finally gets through. Is this normal?

    Lastly, on resetting the device, the code is not executed. Is there some unusually long timeout after reset? Or perhaps code loaded on debug is wiped after end of session?

    Best wishes,

    Ilia Baranov

    (R&D and Elec Eng at Clearpath Robotics)

  • llia, it is interesting to see all the wiring :) The BPs should be ready in store in 2-3 weeks more. 
    The behavior you report is odd and not expected. Is it only happens with just your code or does it happen when you run other example applications as well? I'm not sure if all the wiring has anything to do with it.. Did you try without the wiring?

    I will contact you separately to see if we have any option to help fasten your development as you wait for the camera BP

  • Hello again,

    I want to share some updates and comments on this.

    1. Using the Logic analyser, I can clearly see that camera outputs nothing on startup. It is then fed I2C commands, and begins to output data.

    2. This data all looks valid. In the following image we have:

    D3: HRef      D4: Vsync      D5: XCLK    D6: PCLK   D7-D14: 8bit data

    We can also see that Href and Vsync do what they should:

    I have loaded the included, pre-compiled example code via Uniflash. Settings are 8MBit capacity, non-secure, non-alert. Program starts up normally.

    At this point, I am unsure what could be wrong with simply displaying the image.

    As a side note, I have found working with Code Composer studio extremely frustrating. A recent update invalidated all my setting from before, and now I have been unable to compile a simple light blinking program. Include folders are extremely hard to use, and more often than not broken. The default "simple" TI Resource explorer does not import files correctly (clicking import and then build invariably produces error gmake: *** No rule to make target `C:/ti/CC3200SDK/cc3200-sdk/main.c', needed by `main.obj'.)

    This is not a good product in its current state, and I will have to seriously advise against it until efforts are made to improve the status of the product. It is admirable that so many different demos are included, but when not a single one actually works, this leads to wasted time and frustration.

    These last 6 hours fighting to get even the most basic program working (again!) with your toolchain is a disaster.

  • Gagan,

    Any news when the camera booster pack is going to be ready? 



  • TML, the boards are ready to be released. They are waiting some formalities that should be closed soon. 
    I have pinged my colleagues who should be able to update the status.


  • Hi Gagan,

    Can you tell me when this board is available and it will have support for the OV5640, instead of OV3660 as it is going for end of Life.



  • Gagan,

    Thanks for your reply! Is there any technical info on the booster pack like schematics, BOM, camera model supported? And pricing is interesting too :-)

    Is there support for MSP430 planned as well (the snapshots rather than movie possible though)?



  • I am also interested in pairing the CC3200 with a parallel output CMOS image sensor, and particularly interested in piping the image data through to an SD card.

    tml -- I would be happy to trade notes or code once I get started.

    Gagan, can you please add me to the list of eager camera booster customers?



  • Robb Walters1 said:
    tml -- I would be happy to trade notes or code once I get started.

    I'm interested in launching the camera on the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad to capture still images, I eagerly wait for at least any tech specification.

    EDIT: ok, just found this document and the following sentence really made me disappointed: "The CAMBOOST is compatible only with the CC3200-LAUNCHXL as it does not adhere to any standard BoosterPack connector definition.".

    In that case it significantly limits the prototyping to nothing more than camera and lanuchpad itself.

  • There is "paper work" available to assist you, the user guide is already available -

    It states the following in this User Guide:-

    "The SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 Camera BoosterPack (CC3200CAMBOOST) enables evaluation and
    development with the camera peripheral present on the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 device."

    So with this information, I think we can conclude that the MSP430F5529 will not be supported unless it also has a camera peripheral (I do not know, but I doubt it).

    Also looking at the examples recently provided with the latest SDK release for the CC3100, you will note that it does not include any camera examples. I am unsure if there have been any examples released or going to be released for this Camera BoosterPack for the MSP430F5529.

    And finally, it is called as silk screened onto the board, the CC3200CAMBOOST

    EDIT: I see you found the doc and have found the definitive answer.


  • Thanks for the link... I am a bit concerned about the 2MHz max PIXCLK and may need to look elsewhere for a solution to write video to an SD card. (Perhaps I can control an externally clocked circuit to this effect.)


  • Hello Gagan,

    are there any news about  CC3200CAMBOOST (CC3200 Camera Booster) boards release?

    Best regards


  • I second the motion... is there any news on CAMBOOST?

  • Hi All,

    I have built camera_application successful with (CC3200 LaunchPad and MT9D111 Camera Module). 


    Skype: quochuy7610

  • That's great! Can you mention what you did, steps you took, code repo? (github or whatever)

  • Config pin Camera MT9D111  with pin cc3200


        // Configure PIN_55 for CAMERA0 CAM_pCLK


        MAP_PinTypeCamera(PIN_55, PIN_MODE_4);



        // Configure PIN_58 for CAMERA0 CAM_pDATA7


        MAP_PinTypeCamera(PIN_58, PIN_MODE_4);



        // Configure PIN_59 for CAMERA0 CAM_pDATA6


        MAP_PinTypeCamera(PIN_59, PIN_MODE_4);



        // Configure PIN_60 for CAMERA0 CAM_pDATA5


        MAP_PinTypeCamera(PIN_60, PIN_MODE_4);



        // Configure PIN_61 for CAMERA0 CAM_pDATA4


        MAP_PinTypeCamera(PIN_61, PIN_MODE_4);



        // Configure PIN_02 for CAMERA0 CAM_pXCLK


        MAP_PinTypeCamera(PIN_02, PIN_MODE_4);



        // Configure PIN_03 for CAMERA0 CAM_vS


        MAP_PinTypeCamera(PIN_03, PIN_MODE_4);



        // Configure PIN_04 for CAMERA0 CAM_hS


        MAP_PinTypeCamera(PIN_04, PIN_MODE_4);



        // Configure PIN_05 for CAMERA0 CAM_pDATA8


        MAP_PinTypeCamera(PIN_05, PIN_MODE_4);



        // Configure PIN_06 for CAMERA0 CAM_pDATA9


        MAP_PinTypeCamera(PIN_06, PIN_MODE_4);



        // Configure PIN_07 for CAMERA0 CAM_pDATA10


        MAP_PinTypeCamera(PIN_07, PIN_MODE_4);



        // Configure PIN_08 for CAMERA0 CAM_pDATA11


        MAP_PinTypeCamera(PIN_08, PIN_MODE_4);



        // Configure PIN_16 for I2C0 I2C_SCL


        MAP_PinTypeI2C(PIN_16, PIN_MODE_9);



        // Configure PIN_17 for I2C0 I2C_SDA


        MAP_PinTypeI2C(PIN_17, PIN_MODE_9);



    -    On the board set jumbers follow image


    -    Open CCS UniFlash:

    • Open Target Configuration
    • Tap button Browse and  select C:\ti\CC3200SDK_1.0.0\cc3200-sdk\example\camera_application\html\camera_application.ucf
    • Window -> Program for flash cc3200


    Step 2:

    -    On the board set jumbers follow image

    -    Open Code Composer Studio 6.0.1

    -    Inlucde project driverlib, oslib, simplelink, ti_rtos_config, camera_applicatio in SDK

    -    View -> Target Configuration, import CC3200.ccxml and select port SWD (Tab Advanced)

    -    Run debug project

    If you don't understand, you can ask me.

    skype: quochuy7610

  • I would like to second that question ;)

  • Hi HuyNQ,

        Thanks for sharing this.

    - kel

  • Does anyone know if this can be accomplished with energia?

  • Hi,

    Any update on the availability of CC3200CAMBOOST boards, any tentative released dates?



  • CC3200CAMBOOST, is it available now yet as of January 2015?

  • hi ,

     I am afraid not.

     if you need this board for testing,you can contact Chinese manufacturers . Email :

  • Hi all, I found "CC3200 Camera booster " at
    for US $17.00/piece and shipping costs US $24.11 (EMS)?!
  • Does anyone have any updates on the CC3200 Camera Booster Pack?  I would like to experiment with this but I can't find anything about the board.

    Has anyone tried the board suggested by Miroslav Sliva that is on


  • Hi!

    Any ideas when Camera booster pack will be available? Are there any alternatives for camera-based applications? Has anyone tried AliExpress camBoosterPack?

  • Hi Ilia, How has been your experience with the camera application with CC3200? I have a similar application but I see you have had several problems making the system work? Were you finally able to get everything working? Is it worth spending time/efforts if I am starting with something similar or should I invest time looking into alternatives? Would really appreciate your response. Thanks!
  • Hey,

    I was unable to get the camera I had to work, either through wiring issues or just software problems.

    I was suspecting some of the firmware wasn't quite right, as the oscilloscope showed good signals coming through.

    In general, unless you really need the small size and low cost of the CC3200, I would go with a Raspberry Pi + camera module.

  • Ilia: Many thanks for your prompt response... appreciate it, you saved me a lot of time/effort! If this could work, it would have been an ideal solution.
    Cheers, Ali
  • Hey,
    I have tried camBoosterPack . This is the video


    you can use  order from TAOBAO by BUY0086.

    TAOBAO  link is   
    BUY0086 is

    SIZE     :   84.5mm*58.1mm*12mm

    weight  :  30g

    shipping cost list

    payment : PayPal VISA

  • Hello sir,
    I am developing application using MT9D11 camera module and CC3200 board. Can I interface these two without help of camera booster board?
  • Hi Gagan, is the BoosterPack still available? I want to order a few for testing but can't find it anywhere..

    Do you have a link from where I could order it?