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CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL: network_terminal project debug issue

Part Number: CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UNIFLASH, CC3220SF


1. Debug network_terminal project in CCS. It has uart log output. But when I reset the CC3220SF-launchpad or re-plug USB cable, there is no uart log output.

    Is it programming to internal Flash or RAM? 

2. I am writing SPI driver and refresh programming by CCS. It must to do re-plug USB cable operation before go full speed running in CCS. Otherwise, it stop at the code which I changed at this time. 

3. If use Uniflash, does it programming image to external flash, or both external flash and internal flash? Thanks.

  • Hi Daniel,


    The CCS loader will program the 'internal' flash for sections that are linked to internal flash.  Uniflash is usually used to program the 'external' serial flash.

    So it would be reasonable to expect that hitting reset (or re-plugging USB) after you've loaded the code with CCS would cause your CCS programmed executable to start...  However, when the ROM loader of the CC3220SF starts up, it will first check the contents of the internal flash and ensure that it corresponds to the contents of the /sys/mcuflashimg.bin, stored in the external serial flash, (and usually been programmed by uniflash).  If this doesn't match, the ROM loader will copy the /sys/mcuflashimg.bin file into the internal flash and start executing it.  In your case, the external serial flash probably doesn't have a an /sys/mcuflashimg.bin so there is nothing to compare with.  Either that, or it finds another image, which then gets copied on top of the executable that was loaded with CCS...


    Now, on devices that have been unlocked and configured for development mode (which is essential anyway for access via JTAG), then you can add a special header into the firmware that is downloaded via CCS, to tell the ROM loader to skip this check, making it a lot easier for debugging, especially when testing reset and reboot sequences.


    In order to do this, you'll see in the sample projects, in the CC3220SF_LAUNCHXL.c, that you can define a compiler build flag called __SF_DEBUG__ which will generate this special header.  Since this header is not referenced by the target code, it will get optimised out by the linker, so you'll also need to add a linker build option (--retain ulDebugHeader) for it to appear in the output image.  Once this image is programmed onto the target, you should see that the firmware boots directly into your CCS programmed image.


    [ Big Note : This is a useful feature, but note that this image will *not* then be suitable for programming into the 'external' flash', so you must remove these flash before programming with uniflash. ]


    Hope that helps,


  • It's great.
    It's working now.
  • Roger,

    " devices that have been unlocked and configured for development mode (which is essential anyway for access via JTAG)" 

    This doesn't seem to be available in UniFlash 4.1 ... can you tell me how it's done?



  • Hi Mark,

    This is found under General->Settings->Image Mode. Default is 'Production' with JTAG locked. If you switch that to 'Development', the image becomes MAC locked to the specific device, and JTAG is unlocked and accessible.

    Hope that helps,
  • Thanks for the quick reply ... 4.1.2 doesn't show anything but session and about and there is no "General" tab to be seen. I tried running
    "C:\ti\uniflash_4.1\simplelink\gen2\bin\SLImageCreator.exe" and that seems to have changed the mode but I still can't seem to be able to connect via Eclipse.
  • Jan,

    Thanks for the quick reply .. see my previous qresponse ... The options shown on that vieo do not show up in 4.1.2 (?)

  • Hi Mark,

    Please select "CC3220-SF-LAUNCHXL serial" instead "CC3200-SF-LAUNCHXL On-Chip" at device choice.

  • Thank you!! Much better ...