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Linux/WL1837MODCOM8I: WL1837 chip on E14 wifi cape for BeagleBone Black

Part Number: WL1837MODCOM8I

Tool/software: Linux

First off i apologize  that I have had to resort to TI to get any useful information about a cape that simply uses your chip. So forgive me, my frustration does not lie with you. That said, imagine you have just purchased a Beaglebone Black and then a E14 wifi cape. The BBB is then flashed with the most current Debian image available through Beagleboard links. In this case the 'bone-debian-9.5-lxqt-armhf-2018-08-30-4gb' image. From there even I have been getting conflicting messages from the info out there. The 12yr old who this belongs to is as confused as me, here are some of the questions:

- does libnl-2.0 need to be installed and built?

- Do the .dts and .dtsi files I found online have to be parsed?

- of the different build scripts, "18xx-ti-utils', 'build-utilities' which one should be used ? 

- Your website discusses Mainline Linux but only supports your SDK and the Arago SDKs far as I can see?

- One person on a forum tried to put a step buy (no sic) step but when it came to the difficult part said 'follow build script', as if?

I would be happy to send you my BBB and cape with a fast and reliable 32GB SD, and ask you to give it to a fast and reliable 12 yr old with the E14 box, and I honestly want them to better than the folks on my end who have tried.

I understand it seems to be E14 who might have a bigger interest in better instructions, but I have a feeling you guys must have put this together b/c they're fools (in my opinion).