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WL1805MOD: Custom system recommendation

Part Number: WL1805MOD


We want to design a Wi-Fi acquisition system that can stream a continuous flow of data with a rate of minimum 15 Mbps, from a distance of 8-10 meters with the possibility of obstacles on the way. After searching the existing solutions from TI, it seems that only the WiLink modules are able to achieve a TCP throughput higher than 13 Mbps. The WL1805MOD seems suitable, since we don't need Bluetooth. 

Our difficulties are in choosing the right application processor for the task and what firmware should be written on this processor. We found TI Sitara processors as a possible solution, but we don't know how to choose the right one.

Please point us some guidance on how to select the right processor and how to integrate it.

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  • What is your application/usecase? Because, choosing the host application processor depends on it. AM335x is the low-end/ starting part of the Sitara processor family. It uses a single Cortex-A8 core..

  • We intend to stream data from several analog to digital converters continuously. An FPGA chip processes this data and sends the results via Wi-Fi to a laptop.

    Besides the throughput requirement of at least 15 Mbps, it is very important that the transfer should be done uniformly, without long interruptions. This is very important, since we have limited buffering capacity on the board.

    We already picked a standalone module from other producer that, sometimes, temporarily interrupts the transmission (for about 200 ms) and this causes our buffers to overflow and lose data.

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