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[FAQ] SIMPLELINK-SDK-WIFI-PLUGIN: How to update the Simplelink host driver in the Wi-Fi plugin?


The Simplelink Wi-Fi plugin contains an old version of the host driver. How do I update it to have the latest bug fixes and features?

  • To simplify the steps, I will use the following definitions to refer to certain directories throughout the steps:

    • CC32XX_SL = CC32XX_SDK_DIRECTORY/source/ti/driver/net/wifi
    • PLUGIN_SL = WIFI_PLUGIN_DIRECTORY/source/ti/driver/net/wifi

    Below are all the steps required to update the host driver:

    1. Download and install the latest CC32XX SDK to have the latest host driver
    2. In CCS, import the simplelink project in the CC32XX SDK found in CC32XX_SL
      1. make sure the copy to work space box is NOT checked

    3. Copy the define in quotes below to the user.h file located at PLUGIN_SL/porting/user.h
      1. "#define sl_GetThreadID() pthread_self()"
    4. Copy the entire porting folder from PLUGIN_SL to CC32XX_SL
      1. NOTE: you will have to rename the porting folder originally in the CC32XX_SL to prevent overwriting it
    5. In CCS, clean and build the simplelink project you imported earlier
    6. Once the build is complete, replace the entire wifi folder in PLUGIN_SL with the one in the CC32XX_SL
    7. In the wifi plugin directory, navigate to PLUGIN_SL/ccs/rtos and create a folder named "simplelink"
    8. Copy the simplelink.a file in PLUGIN_SL/ccs/rtos into the simplelink folder you just created
    9. Lastly clean and rebuilt a wifi plugin example and you should see the updated versions in the terminal


  • Thanks for the info Jesus!