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CC2531: OAD resources

Part Number: CC2531
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC2430, Z-STACK, , CC2530, TIMAC

I am figuring out how to resurrect test capability for a very old product based on CC2430. Pretty much anybody who worked with those products are no longer there and same for any tools and apps. I have a CC2531 USB dongle and I would like to use it to drive OAD to CC2430 target. Before I get too deep in writing the code for an OAD server from scratch, is there any sample code that I could reuse? I saw some mentions of using Z-Stack or Linux Gateway to drive the process but all of that is for different chipsets. Does anybody know if there is anything available for CC2531 to talk to CC2430?


  • CC2430 is obsolete but the OAD process is the same to CC2530. I don’t remember exactly if old Z-Stack provides OAD example for CC2430. If not, you can refer to how CC2530 OAD is done in Z-Stack to implement on CC2430.

  • Hi Igor,

    You can reference the Projects\zstack\OTA\Dongle\CC2530DB project from within your Z-STACK-ARCHIVE version which is capable of communicating with your CC2430.  This uses the OtaServer PC tool (from Accessories\OtaServer) to accomplish OTA updates.  The difficult part of this task may be building an updatable Zigbee image based on the CC2430 given the age and NRND status of this device.


  • Thank you Ryan and YiKai for responding. I got the Z-Stack archive version, loaded the CC2530DB project on the dongle. The OTA server application does not see the dongle though, I am guessing because the dongle project does not include any USB drivers. Must be meant to use with the RFSmart board. I'll see if I can maybe add USB drivers from TIMAC for CC2531 to the OTA sample app

  • Since you are using CC2531 USB dongle, I suppose you should load CC2531 project instead of CC2530DB project on the dongle.

  • The OtaServer PC tool only supports UART communication, not USB like with the Z-Tool PC application.  I believe the same is true for legacy Z-Stack gateway solutions, although I haven't explicitly checked.  As it stands you will need to use different hardware which supports a UART PC connection or build your own OTA Server PC application.