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CC2538: CC2538 Range Test

Part Number: CC2538
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Hello sir,

I am able to transmit the ADC data from ZED to ZC.

I have tested the range of this it's about 1 and half meter only by using on board antenna in closed room. what is the default I tx power set in the z-stack? and where can i find it in z-stack? is it is fixed in z-stack to 7dm?.

i went through the document of CC2538 the output nominal power is 7dbm so, i want to increase the tx power to 7dbm.

i have done PER TEST with various programmable tx power given in PER TEST Menu(7dbm,3dbm,0dbm,-3dbm,-9dbm,-15dbm), i have good results with 7dbm upto 6 meters.

If the tx power 7dbm is already set in z-stack why the connection is limited upto 1 and half meter in the same environment where PER TEST is done.

i want to change the onboard antenna to external antenna which is SMA antenna for better range. what are the to be considered?.

I don't want to use the range extenders(cc2591 and cc2592) because of power consumption.

please clarify the issuses

Thanks and Regards

  • good results with 7dbm upto 6 meters? We usually can have 30 meters at least when we use 0dbm on CC2538DK. I would suggest you to check your RF design first.

  • By the way, CC2538 Z-Stack default TX power 7dbm is set in macRadioDefsTxPwrBare[] in mac_radio_defs.c

  • Thank you sir,

    Good results means compared to z-stack based data transfer and PER test based packet transfer.

    1). We usually can have 30 meters at least when we use 0dbm on CC2538DK

    under which environment?

    i have done these tests in a closed room with so many equipments and receiver is kept inside the room and transmitter is just outside the room and room is closed with a glass door.

      for connecting external antenna need to connect the 3.3nH(L374) inductor should be connected to external portion. am i correct?

    thanks and regards.

  • 1. Under line of sight test.

    2. Yes, that should be fine.