CC2652P, CC1352P

Hi ,

I am currently working on a CC2652 project derived from zed_sampleapp project available in SDK (simplelink_cc13x2_26x2_sdk_4_30_00_54)  , I need to send out diagnostic information (RSSI, LQI,APSTxUcastSuccess,APSTxUcastfail,APSTxUcastRetry,PacketvalidateCount) through zigbee radio to the master node up on query/periodic intervals (yet to decide).

I found zcl_diagnostic.c , zcl_diagnostic.h, zdiags.c, zdiags.h readily available in the Common->zcl folder of the SDK, But i could not see any examples how to use the diagnostic modules readily provided.

Do i need to register (ZCL_CLUSTER_ID_HA_DIAGNOSTIC) cluster ? if yes what function do i need to use?

Where do i need to call ZDiagsUpdateStats function in my rtos application to get the above mentioned diagnostic attributes ?

and how to use zclDiagnostic_ReadWriteAttrCB() ..any example would help.

and lastly what function call do i need to use to send out these attributes to the master node?


Hoping for a clear response, or pointer to the examples where i can get the above needed information.



  • Hi Anand,

    There are no examples which use this ZCL cluster by default.  You can reference the Custom Zigbee Product and other SimpleLink Academy Labs to add this feature to SampleApp.  Another angle is to import the Switch application example, define ZCL_DIAGNOSTIC/FEATURE_SYSTEM_STATS, include Common/zcl/zcl_diagnostic.c/h in the project build, and add ZCL_CLUSTER_ID_HA_DIAGNOSTIC to the endpoint attributes in zcl_sample*_data.c (or create a new endpoint which must be registered).  ZDiagsUpdateStats would be called in whatever way best suits your application.  You will also need to use zclDiagnostic_GetAttribData/zclDiagnostic_GetStatsAttr APIs.