LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1: Getting ERROR_PAR(0x0803) on radio setup command

Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1
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I'm developing a custom driver for IEEE 15.4 link layer (actually porting from older cc2650 version) and I am running into issue where I can't seem to get radio setup command working.

Whenever I issue radio setup command, and wait for it to finish, I am getting ERROR_PAR(0x0803) error reported in status field of the command. 

I am using LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1, and CCS 10. I am able to power on radio module, issuing CMD_PING seems to work as intended.

I have tested the device in SmartRF Studio, it reports DONE_OK on radio setup command. I copied all the overrides and txPower levels directly from SmartRF Studio. I am using all the defaults, just like in SmartRF. 

When I debug in CCS, I see all the correct values in my command struct just prior to issuing command, and upon finish I see 0x0803 (ERROR_PAR) written in status field, which tells me some command parameter isn't right.

I also tripple checked that cmd struct points correctly to override array and txpower level is correct.

Any idea how to move forward would be greatly appreciated.