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Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LPV531, TLC251, TLC271

We have been using the LM146J Programmable Quad Bipolar Operational Amplifier for years in various products. However the part appears to be obsolete. In a number of situations we cannot get away with using the LM346 instead since we require an operating temperature range of -55 to 125 degrees C. Can you then recomend another op amp with the features of the LM146 that we could use in liu of this part while meeting the temperature required? What TI part would most closely meet this requirement? Thank you

Les Levy

Computer Conversions Corporation.

  • Hello Les,

    Unfortunately, there is not a pin-to-pin replacement for the LM146 - other than the LM346. The closest Mil-temp device would be the single LM4250.

    The LM146 and LM346 use the same die, but the package and testing limits make the difference. The die would not have problems with the temperature, but there would be package reliability issues with the commercial plastic packages at military temps.

    Are you dynamically changing the current? Or can you just use a standard low-power or micropower quad with similar specs to what you have programmed?

    If you do have to redesign, the following devices have adjustable currents:

    LM346, 30V, Quad 10KHz to 2MHz, 10uA-6mA

    LM4250 Single, 30V, 10KHz to 200KHz, 1uA to 100uA - - Military Version avail

    LPV531. Single, 73KHz to 4.6MHz, 5uA to 425uA, 5V

    TLC251 - Pinout similar to LM4250, 16V, three speeds - 2.2MHz@950uA, 635KHz@143uA, 110KHz@14uA

    TLC271 - Extended temp TLC251 - Mil temp available.

    Hope this helps...