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LMK05318: write the version number and read it

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Part Number: LMK05318

Hi team,

We want to double check whether our write process is the same as the datasheet list. May need your kindly help. Thanks.

 We write the version number to 0x000B.

Then Write 0x00  to R159

Write 0x0B to R160

Read  R161


But cannot get the result.

  • Hi Frank,

    Derek will get back to you later. 

  • Program EEPROM Image Revision
    1. Program the desired configuration to the active registers (see General Register Programming Sequence).
    This requires the register settings in the register map format.
    2. Write SRAM Using Register Commit.
    3. Write SRAM Using Direct Writes to modify EERev.
        Write 0x00 to R159
        Write 0x0B to R160
        Write new EERev value to R162
    4. Program EEPROM.

    Read back EERev value
    Method 1, After POR or PDN toggle, device loaded the new EEPROM, Read R11 directly.
    Method 2, Read EEPROM
        Write 0x00 to R159
        Write 0x0B to R160
        Read R161

    Default EERev is 0x0


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