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LMX2615-SP: LMX2615-SP RFoutAP/M Swing

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Part Number: LMX2615-SP

Need to determine Output swing of RFoutAP/M to make sure it's compatible with receiving device and having difficulty using Pout specifications on Pg 8 in Table 6.5 of datasheet (6dBM at 8GHz and 4dBm at 15GHz) and Pout graphs shown in Figure 16 on Pg 14 of the datasheet to determine this.

If you could answer the 3 questions posed in the following sketch that would go a long way towards helping me determine compatibility.  NOTE: All Traces In Sketch Are Single Ended 50ohms

Thank You, John

  • Hi John,

    Assume the single-ended output power at OUTA_PWR = 31 is 7dBm, then you should measure 1.415Vpp at point P using a single-ended probe. You will measure the same voltage swing at point M but its phase is 180 deg shifted from P. 

    If you use a differential probe to measure the voltage swing across P and M, you will measure 2.83Vpp.