LMK00105: Connection between two LMK00105SQE

Part Number: LMK00105

Hello team,

I received a question from my customer about the connection between two LMK00105SQE. It would be helpful if you could check the customer's connection and see if it works properly and give us some advice.

They are willing to connect LMK00105SQE CLKOUT4 pin with LMK00105SQE CLKIN pin by connecting capacitor 0.1uF in series between them. {LMK00105SQE -- |0.1uF| -- LMK00105SQE}

Their question is described as follows:

Question 1: Is it OK to have a direct connection like a regular LVCMOS connection? Or is a capacitor [0.1uF] required?

Best Regards,

Ryotaro Fukui