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ADS124S08: ADS124S08

Part Number: ADS124S08

Question 1:

I am following the pseudo code given in the data sheet for programming the FPGA.

1.First i am giving reset command and waiting for 4096 tclk(sclk =3Mhz)

2.i am reading the status register which is giving RDY bit 1 which says adc not ready for communication.

how much time i need to wait for this bit to be 0 as i need to clear the POR flag (FL_POR) in status register by writing  0.(as per the pseudo code).

Question 2:

When i have to send RDATA command,,i mean as per the data sheet i understood that after start command drdy becomes high(7 sclk falling edge) ,unless i send stop command DRDY will it become low??? or DRDY is independent of  stop command.

can i follow the following pattern for reading data after programming the registers through Din:

1.send start command

2.check for drdy low

3.send rdata command. the data

5.send stop command

6.again start from 2

if there is any wrong in the reading pattern request u to correct us

  • i am using continous conversion mode

  • Hi Ponraj,

    Regarding question 1, before attempting to communicate with the ADS124S08 make sure that all three power supplies (AVDD, DVDD and IOVDD) have reached nominal operating voltage.  Also make sure that the RESET pin is high.  Then make sure that you are waiting the initial 2.2ms minimum wait time after power up.  Following the initial power up you are not required to reset the device again unless you want to as the power up will initiate the initial power up reset (POR).  If you do issue the RESET command, make sure the RDY bit is low first.  You can then issue the command and wait the 4096 tclk periods before attempting to read the STATUS register again.

    Regarding question 2, the DRDY pin state will depend on the state of the device.  Normally, if the DRDY line is low sending SCLKs will force DRDY high on the first rising edge of SCLK.  The START/SYNC pin or the START command will also force the DRDY high.  When DRDY transitions from a high to low state the conversion result is ready to be read from the device.

    When running in continuous conversion mode you do not need to send the STOP command unless you want the conversions to stop.  So you could use the following sequence:

    1. Complete the device configuration and issue the START command (START/SYNC pin is low)
    2. Check for DRDY low
    3. Send RDATA command to read the conversion result
    4. Go back to 2

    Best regards,

    Bob B