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Part Number: AFE4404EVM
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Hi Guys,

I installed and carefully assembled the the hardware boards (sensor and micro-controller).  After going through the procedure to disable signature enforcement given here earlier, the I see AFE44xx EVM on COM6 in the Device Manager.  The device dialog driver tab says:

AFE44xx EVM (COM6)

Driver provider: Texas INstruments

Driver Date: 9/6/2010

Driver Version:

Digital Signer: Not digitally signed.

When I launch the AFE4404 EVM GUI from C:\Program Files (x86)\Texas Instruments\AFE4404 EVM GUI\  it still does not work.  I get the same old message as I got before I got the driver installed without signature:

An error occured while communicating with the device

Press Continue to Simulate Communication
Press Stop & Close to Exit

When I select Stop and Close the GUI hangs and I have to kill it in Task Manager.  If I select Continue to Simulate Communication I get the GUI with multiple tabs including data acquisition, but I don't get any contact with the actual hardware boards.  When I press Switch 1 on on the micro-controller board the Device Manager resets properly and show the board.  It seems that there is actual data exchange between the micro-controller board and the Win 10 laptop via USB.  The lights on the boards come up so it looks as though the EVM kit is in good order.

Is this project actually still active?  Do I have the best driver?  2010 was a while back.

Any thoughts on how I can get this evaluation kit actually running on Windows 10?


Vince Stanford

  • Hi Vincent,

    I think there might be a problem with GUI communication with the port where the EVM is plugged in.

    Can you please try launching again AFE4404 EVM GUI after

    1.  Increasing the Port number to a higher port number say 28 or 81.
    2. You can do this by following (start menu >> Device manager >> Ports(COM & LPT) >> Right click 'AFE44xx EVM' >> click 'Properties' >> Go to 'Port Settings' >> Click 'Advanced' >> Change the 'COM Port Number' to a higher number say 28 and 81

    Please let me know if this is helping you.

    Best Regards,


  • I set the board to COM28 as you suggested.  It shows COM28 in the Device Manager so the change took.  

    the result was the same. The AFE4404 EVM GUI can't find the board.

    Any further thoughts?

  • Hi Vincent,

    Please let me know if you tried with port number 85 or above ? I would still suggest you try with this port number and try relaunching the GUI.

    If this does not work, can you please provide me with below info to further debug on this?

    1. Screenshot of the Device Manager after changing the com port number
    2. Version of the EVM GUI you are using. You could find this by Launch GUI >> click Help >> click About. Please share the screenshot of this popup.
    3. Screenshot of National instruments software installed on your pc. (Start >> Add/Remove Programs >> search for National Instruments >> Click Uninstall >> click Uninstall >> take a screenshot of the window and share with us

    Meanwhile I'll also check on this problem.



  • Hi Divya,

    Here are the screen grabs you asked for.  When I go to the uninstall for National Instruments it just shows a NI logo with no version information and says it will delete it. I listed the directory of LabViewRuntime files with time tags to help you see the versions.  Let me know if there is any more information I can provide to help resolve this issue.

    Vince Stanford

  • Hi Vincent,

    Thanks for sharing the screenshots.

    AFE4404 EVM GUI requires

    1. LabVIEW Run Time Engine (RTE) v2012
    2. VISA RTE v14.0.1

    Can you please 

    1.  Check the right versions of RTEs are installed in your machine. You could do this by (Start >> Add/Remove Programs >> Type for National Instruments >> Click Uninstall >> Then again click Uninstall on the popup"
    2.  Upon clicking uninstall >> you must view an NI software panel as below
      1.  Select "NI VISA Runtime 14.0.1" and click repair. This would fix if any corrupt files are present.
      2.  Restart the PC
      3.  Try relaunching the GUI.
    3. If this does not help, Please provide us with the below info
      1. screenshot of the GUI error
      2. screenshot of the NI software window that appeared upon clicking uninstall



  • Hi Divya,

    I did the Uninstall button as you suggest, and this is what I get for the software list dialog:

    When I click Repair it responds with:

    I used this exe for the install:

    I hope that helps.  BTW, thanks for your kind responses.


  • Hi Vince,

    Thank you for the screenshots. As I mentioned before, the AFE4404 EVM GUI requires

    1.  NI LabVIEW Runtime Engine v2012
    2.  NI VISA Runtime Engine v14.0.1

    Seems like NI VISA RTE is not installed in your machine.

    Can you please follow the below procedure,

    1. Download NI VISA RTE v14.0.1 installer here
    2. Install the NI VISA RTE by running the executable with default settings
    3. Please make sure that the below software gets listed under NI Software Panel that appears upon (Start >> Add/Remove Programs >> Type for National Instruments >> Click Uninstall >> Then again click Uninstall on the popup)
      1. NI LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 2012 SP1 f9
      2. NI VISA Run-Time Engine v14.0.1
    4. Please make sure that Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 or higher is installed on your machine
      1. (Start >> Add/Remove Programs >> Type for ".NET Framework"
      2. If .net framework is present on your machine, You must see a window like shown below in the pic
      3. If .net framework v3.5 or higher is not installed on your machine, please install by following the procedure here.

    5. Restart the machine
    6. Connect the EVM board to the machine
    7. Launch the AFE4404 EVM GUI installed at (C:\Program Files (x86)\Texas Instruments\)

    This must work. Else please provide me with the below information:

    1. Screenshot of the error that appears upon launching the AFE4404 EVM GUI.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused here and thank you for the patience.