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Part Number: AFE5832EVM
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Hello, I tested DTGC and got this result graph, but I don't quite understand what it means.What information about input signals collected by "samples" and "ADC codes" respectively?Should "ADC Input target frequency" be set to the frequency of the input signal and "ADC Output Data Rate" be set to four times the frequency of the input signal?

  • WEll, I alreday answered this same question earlier. AFE5832 is a variable gain amplifier. DTGC mode is to set gain change over Time, from low to high. Thus the waveform have different gain at different time. each ADC point is 50ns or 20MSPS; right now 5000 point *50ns=250us.  the gain curve is about 0 to 200us. 0us is min gain, 200us is high gain; then is low gain. you have to zoom in to see the sine wave. 

    Please read the datasheet of the AFE5832, then you will understand more why the waveform is that.


  • Can TSW1400EVM capture signals in real time?Or can only capture static signals through "Capture"?

  • No, TSW1400 can't capture signals in real time. it is an event trigged capture.  the AFE generates >10Gbps data and real time transferring is impossible for the USB 2.0


  • This is the ultrasonic echo signal that I collected with the DTGC test function. Is this an analog signal?
    Can you do analog-to-digital conversion?

  • This is the correct data from AFE5832. This is the ADC output already. if it is not digital signal, you can't show it on PC. please read the AFE datasheet and TSW1400 user manual more. 


  • you can also save the data or image by clicking File tab. Thanks!

  • Thank you for your patient reply!
    The single-channel signal I input for AFE5832EVM and the data exported by TSW1400EVM is of 32 channels, do I only export the signal of a single channel?
    In addition, when AFE5832EVM tested DTGC, the gain was fixed. In the figure, I amplified the image obtained by resolution after capturing the signal, but the original image could not see the signal, so the graph generated by the CSV file I exported could not see the signal either. Could you please change this magnification factor?
    But in DTGC mode it seems that the gain size cannot be modified (see Figure 2)

  • 1. you can study the TSW1400 GUI more and see how to export single channel data. It might be possible. Or you can right click on the graph to export the data. 

    2.  when the DTGC mode is enabled , the fixed gain is disabled. Vice versa. So you will need to select one mode only. 

    3. you should be able to see the small signal if you can see it in TSW GUI.  the CSV file saved should be the exactly same as GUI shows. there is no mag factor there. you can double check the data.