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DS250DF230: User defined pattern.

Part Number: DS250DF230

How to setup the TX0 to output the user defined pattern when CDR locked RX0 pattern ?

  • See example retimer channel registers configuration procedure below where the retimer channel is set to output defined user pattern equal to clock pattern. Note that the retimer PRBS generator channel requires an input signal of frequency that is a multiple of the full rate for its CDR to lock to be able to generate PRBS data.

    REG       Value    Mask     Comment

    97           AA          FF           // Set PRBS FIxed PATGEN (upper byte)

    7C          AA          FF           // Set PRBS FIxed PATGEN (lower byte)

    1E           80           E0           //Select PRBS Generator for output mux

    1E           10           10           //Turn on serializer (ser_en=1)

    79           00           60           //Set prbs_gen_en=0

    79           20           60           //Set prbs_gen_en=1

    30           00           08           //Set prbs_en_dig_clk=0

    30           04           04           //Set PRBS FIXED = 1

    09           20           20           //Set PFD mux override


    Rodrigo Natal

    HSSC Applications Engineer