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DS90UB948 abnormal detection

Hello TI,

    We use DS90UB949 and DS90UB948 chips. Can the following abnormal conditions be detected?

   1.FPD-LINK Cable open

   2. FPD-LINK Cable short  (Differential lines connected together)

   3.FPD-LINK Cable short to gnd

   4.FPD-LINK Cable short to power

   5.DS90UB948 input signal is abnormal

 Looking forward to your recovery, thank you very much!

  • Hi Jinsheng,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    If we look into the 949 datasheet, section 7.3.12 "Serial Link Fault Detect", we can see that the device is capable of detecting any of the following faults:
    1. Cable open
    2. “+” to “-” short
    3. ”+” to GND short
    4. ”-” to GND short
    5. ”+” to battery short
    6. ”-” to battery short
    7. Cable is linked incorrectly (DOUT+/DOUT- connections reversed)

    But, as explained in the datasheet, the device can only detect but does not report specifically which one has occurred.

    Best regards,

  • OK,I understand, thank you very much for your reply

  • There is another question. We have a CRC check function on the LCM. I would like to ask if DS90UB948 supports it? What should we do? Thank you!

  • Hi Jinsheng,

    UB949 and UB948 support Back channel CRC checking/reporting. In order to use this feature, you need to make sure the following:
    1. In the deserializer side, the Back channel CRC generator is enabled (enabled by default).
    2. In the serializer side, the Back channel CRC checker is enabled (enabled by default).

    Note: CRC is not supported on the OpenLDI (LVDS) interface.

    Best regards,