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TUSB8041: ESD Protection connection at USB3.0 Connector Chassis

Part Number: TUSB8041

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am designing board (AiC card) using TI part : TUSB8041. 

Regarding Board ESD Protection through Connector Chassis Body, I have done USB3.0 Connector Chassis connection as per TI Reference Design ( by putting recommended RC network. 

My manager during design review is believing to put simple Hardwire shorted connection (DC Couple) Chassis Ground with System Ground. 

I am wondering about which connection topology is appropriate and what is real physics and logic behind these both approaches. 

I need your quick support and guidance to move ahead quickly. I have attached image for your easy reference. 

  • Hello Himanshu,

    As noted in the EVM Users Guide (below), the ground isolation is optional.  Many applications short these grounds directly together.  We added it to the reference design so a customer can isolate the grounds if needed or short them with 0 ohm resistors.



  • Thank you so much JMMN. 

    Actually I want to know what happens during ESD in both cases when we Isolate Ground and Shorting GNDs together.

    Which one is more robust from ESD perspective?

  • Hi Himanshu,

    It is difficult to state conclusively whether isolating or shorting ground is more robust since it depends heavily on the application.  This is why our designs often include the option to add isolation, but also the ability to directly short them.  This topic is beyond the scope of what the hub manufacturer can dictate. 



  • Dear JMMN, 

    Thanks for your support. Can you please redirect my query to your appropriate division where I can get technical justification for both topologies?

    It will be really great help for me.