DP83848C: Transformerless/capacitively-coupled Ethernet

Part Number: DP83848C

I would like to create a board-to-board capacitively-coupled Ethernet copper connection from an Analog Devices ADIN1300 Ethernet PHY to a TI PHYter Ethernet PHY. 

Per the linked Analog Devices user guide, this a capacitively-coupled connection is permissible between ADIN1300 PHYs and supports auto-negotiation: ADIN1300 and ADIN1200 with Capacitive Coupling [Analog Devices Wiki]

However, per the linked TI app note, it is recommended that auto-negotiation be disabled with capacitively-coupled interfaces:  AN-1519 DP83848 PHYTER® Transformerless Ethernet Operation (Rev. A)  -  "Therefore, it is recommended that transformerless operation be restricted to forced 100 Mb/s modes, with autonegotiation disabled."

My board-to-board interface will sometimes be paired with other Gigabit PHYs, so auto-negotiation must be supported.  I would like to understand the underlying circuit-level mechanics of why auto-negotiation might sometimes not work in TI Ethernet PHYs.  Is there information that TI can share that would allow me to design a generic capacitively-coupled interface?