DS90UB948-Q1: Black screen, LOCK PIN

Part Number: DS90UB948-Q1


There is a IVI display project meet black screen during driving recently. Unfortunatly, it is NTF now.

In our application, DS90UB948-Q1 is used. Ser is 947.  We are working on Fishbone to analysis it. If no ouput put of LOCK PIN on DS90UB948, display will black.  

May I know what kindly of situations will lead no Lock output?

Plus, Do you have any suggestions/indication to check?

  • Hi Jingjing, 

    Can you explain what this means? Also is this an individual unit failure out of many units or just a singular system in development? 

    Unfortunatly, it is NTF now.

    As for the lock issue, is it not outputting lock even after checking for the correct hardware strap modes between the 947 and 948? 

    Can you share the strap modes or any initialization script used? 

    Lack of lock can also stem from a weak connection, can you share a picture of the system?

    In addition, what is the power sequence for this system?



  • Hi, Shu,

    NTF means can not be repeatable.

    Likely the failure can be repeatable now, and caused by soldering issue. issue closed. Thanks a lot!