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10 MHz TTL transmitter and receiver IC

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Hi Team,

Can you please help us with our customer's inquiry below.

I am looking to create a TTL transmit and receive circuit using single ended signals. I would like to transmit/receive at up to 10 MHz. I don't want to re-invent the wheel so I imagine you have a bunch of application notes on how to do this for the best signal quality and speed. Could you send me an application note on the best way to set this up?



  • Danilo,

    The only interface transceiver in TRX that supports 10MHz is RS485, which is a differential signaling scheme. If you want to send single-ended signals into an RS485 transceiver to be translated to and from a differential signal, then this could be an option, otherwise we don't have single-ended interfaces up to that speed.


    Eric Hackett 

  • "TTL" and "single ended" implies logic. You can use any logic buffer, e.g., SN74AHC1G125, SN74LVC1G125.

    TTL was obsolete decades ago; nowadays, it is often used to describe signals that are not TTL. Please specifiy the number of channels, the voltage, and the drive strength you need.

    If the trace is longer than about four inches, you can get transmission line effects. See the section "Proper Termination of Outputs" in the AHC Logic Family guide or the LVC Designer's Guide; in practice, you just add a source termination resistor of about 33 Ω in series at the transmitter.

    If your environment is very noisy, a single-ended signal might no longer work. You would then use differential transmitters and receivers, either LVDS (e.g., DS90LV011A and DS90LV012A/DS90LT012A) or RS-485 (e.g., THVD1450).