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TVS1400: TVS1400DRVR

Part Number: TVS1400
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TVS3300, TPD2E007, TVS2200, , TVS0500

TVS1400DRVR& TVS3300DRVR is single channel or three channel  EST protection part? We found the part pIn4,5,6 short together. 

If single channel, why not use one pin?

if have another pin-to-pin 3channel EST parts for both TVS1400DRVR& TVS3300DRVR? 

  • Hi,

    Welcome top E2E!

    All of our TVSxxx family of devices are single channel devices. If all the pins are not used as described in the datasheet the protective features and specs will not be the same as guaranteed by the datasheet.

    We do not have a 3 channel device for the TVS14000 or the TVS3300.

    Best regards,

    Andy Robles

  • If has any other multi-channel ESD parts suggestion for our application? our application has below 3type of conditions, thanks a lot~

    5Vdc analog input signal

    10Vdc analog input signal

    20~40Vdc digital input signal

  • Hi,

    When looking for an ESD device it is important to understand the transient events that a device needs to protect against. The TVSxxx family of devices offer high protection against surge/lighting events with a high IEC 61000-4-5 surge rating. The other ESD devices in our portfolio protect against shorter ESD events that are tested per the IEC 61000-4-2 ESD protection standard. To learn mode about the standards that our device are tested against please refer to the following application note: IEC 61000-4-x Testsfor TI’s Protection Devices

    The short video series found in this link could also help understand more about other  important specs in ESD devices: ESD video series

    For the 20-40Vdc range, the TVSxxx family of devices are the only devices in our portfolio that operate in this voltage range.

    For 10Vdc we do have a 2 channel device, the TPD2E007, which offer a lower IEC 61000-4-5 surge rating than the ESD devices, and is a bidirectional device, unlike the TVS14000 and TVS3300.

    For the 5Vdc we do have many more protection devices, for which I would need to know more of your systems requirement in order to provide a suggestion for your application (e.g. Bi-directional or Uni-directional, Level of ESD rating needed, amount of surge protection needed, is this for a high speed data line)

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Best regards,

    Andy Robles

  • All the ESD parts are used in external sensor or switching signal, any suggestion for the selected TI parts? thanks a lot~

    thermal sensor (5Vdc)

    pressure sensor(10Vdc)

    external digit switching signal (20Vdc)

  • Hi,

    For the 20Vdc the only devices in our portfolio that has that voltage range would be the TVS2200.

    For the 10Vdc line I would position the TVS1400 for it has the highest ESD and surge protection. The system will have to be able to accept a clamping voltage of 18.5V during a fault event to ensure no downstream components get damaged.

    For the 5Vdc line I would suggest the TVS0500 if you're mainky concerned about surge/lightning events per IEC 61000-4-5. To get more details about the IEC 61000-4-5 test please refer to the application note on IEC 61000-4-x Tests for TI’s Protection Devices.

    Best regards,

    Andy Robles