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SN75LVCP601: Transient Simulation error in ADS schematic for hspice file.

Part Number: SN75LVCP601


I am having problem while simulating the HSPICE file of SN75LVCP601 n ADS 2019 Schematic transient simulation. I have used HSPICE compatibility tool of ADS to put all the pins of the component in the schematic and put all the sources and elements that is described in "sim_LVCP601_CH_PKG_V1_nominal.hsp". The transient simulation is aborted due to error and warning a follows:

Warning detected by hpeesofsim during netlist parsing.
    In file `/home/.../data/sn75lvcp601_hspice_model/' at, or just before, line 7.
    Encrypted HSPICE blocks are not supported.
    All lines until the next '.' statement are ignored.
Error detected by hpeesofsim during netlist parsing.
    In file `/home/.../data/sn75lvcp601_hspice_model/' at, or just before, line 29.
    Unrecognized SPICE statement `.[jg7e/3>c'.

Can anyone help, how to support ADS about Encrypted HSPICE blocks?

  • ticket is assigned and will be replied soon

  • 6471.lvcp601_ibis_ami_v1p0.zipHi Piash,

    I am not sure if ADS supports encrypted HSPICE.  Have you asked ADS support?

    Another option would be to use the SN75LVCP601 IBIS-AMI model.



  • Hi Lee,

    Thanks a for for the IBIS-AMI model.

    I have a question about the usage of the model. I have downloaded also the pdf - "lvcp601_AMI_users_guide". In that pdf, an ADS schematic example of the IC is given.

    Here, are all the components in the above schematic part of the whole IC or only the Redriver?

    I want to put LVDS data over my channel and before receiving it I want to use this SN75LVCP601. So for simulation schematic setup, I have to use "my channel" before Redriver. Should I use my channel between TX_AMI and rx_term.s4p (before redriver_ami) in the schematic?



  • Hello,

    The AMI model does not support even 64-bit linux platform. It gives below error:

    Error detected by hpeesofsim in Tx_AMI1 during netlist flattening.
        IBIS AMI model 'TX_generic'
        in IBIS file '.../data/SN75LVCP601_IBIS-AMI_Model/TX_generic.ibs'
        does not support the 64-bit Linux platform.
        Please contact model builder for further help.

  • Hi Piash,

    Yes you should place your channel after the TX_AMI.

    You may be able to substitute a different transmitter and receiver which can run in the 64-bit Linux environment.

    Does the Tx_Diff component work in your environment?



  • Hi Lee,

    TX_Diff should work. I will try and let you know. That means I can use any source or elements instead of TX and RX generic components for this case, is that right?

    Another this is what are those s-parameter files for? Are those package interconnects which corresponds to "eq" and "de_code" also?



  • Hi Piash,

    Yes you should be able to use any sources supported in the simulation tool with the model.

    The s-parameter files match up to the de-emphasis selected in the model.  Ensure the model setting and the s-parameter file align based on the attached table (also included in the User Guide).

    Here are some waveforms I have captured

    DE_CODE = 4

    DE_CODE = 0



  • Hi,

    I tried different souces and also tried to put 50 ohm resistor to ground as in each line as well to check, but it is still same as THe Re-driver is not suited for 64-bit Linus platform. Here is the error in the below: