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TPD4E05U06: test ESD failure rate

Part Number: TPD4E05U06

Hi Sir,

customer used the TPD4EU06DQA on project.
found some failure issues of TPD4EU16DQA after the function testing.
Please refer to the attachment of the schematics and layout draw.
The failure rate is about 20%.
Please kindly help we to confirm the root cause.

U2-NEX _ 19_M16 to PEN.pdf

  • Hello Tommy,

    I'm sorry to hear about this issue you're having. If the layout is mimicking the schematic correctly and connecting the diodes in parallel with the protected device, I see nothing wrong with that aspect. However, I do see that pins 4,6,7,and 8 on both connectors are not protected. Is there a reason for this?

    Also, can you describe the types of failures you are experiencing?


    Matt Smith

  • Hello Matt,


    Thanks your support.

    I design 3 pairs for LVDS of each connector. (Pin9/Pin10,Pin11/Pin12,Pin13/Pin14)

    The other pins of the connector were the single-end signal. (Pin4、Pin5、Pin6、Pin8)


    I found TPD4E05U06DQA that was burned out, the signal pin were shorted to GND.


    I tried to removed the failure components, I could operate the system normal.


    If you have any unclear, please let me know.









  • Hi Ron,

    Had you done any stress testing previous to your functional testing that might have burned up the device? Also, what is the voltage and current levels across the LVDS pins?



  •  Hi Matt,

    I didn't have any stress testing.

    The voltage level of LVDS is 1.25V +-0.4V, I couldn't make sure the current.

     I could makesure one spike waveform at power on.


  • Hi Roy,

    Can you email me this information and we move this conversation to an email thread? I'm having trouble loading the pictures. My email is .