TRS3221E: DC power in DOUT pin

Part Number: TRS3221E


Good day.

Our customer is using the TRS3221E and they have an inquiry about their application. Kindly see the details below.

"I have an application where the D-out of the RS232 transceiver TRS3221EIRGTR is also connected to a battery terminal with 9VDC.
The TRS3221EIRGTR will be turned off (with FORCEOFF) when the 9VDC is active.  The question is, will any harm come to the TRS3221EIRGTR when it is in the FORCEOFF condition and the 9VDC is powered?"

Looking forward to your inputs. Thank you.



  • Cedrick,

    The absolute maximum of the D-OFF pin works up to 13.2V, meaning it will only be damaged if the voltage on the D-OUT pin exceeds 13.2V. Applying 9V to this pin should be okay and cause no damage to the device.


    Eric Hackett