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TPS25750: Schematic Review with BQ25713

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Part Number: TPS25750


Could you please review my schematic with the BQ25713 charger?

I'm using them in this mode:

The BQ25713 is connected to an 1S2P battery.

  • I see two issues with the TPS25750 configuration.

    pin10 \i2cs_irq and pin 18 \i2cm_irq should be pulled up to LDO_3V3.  This will prevent any IRQ from being triggered before the part has booted.

    I do not see any issue with BQ25713, but I do not directly support that part.  I suggest that you submit the same schematic to the BQ25713 team for further review by them

  • In reply to Chuck Branch:

    Thanks Chuck. 

    Please update the TPS25750 datasheet that currently states "Tie to ground if unused" for the I2C IRQ pins. 

  • In reply to 6145095:

    I have that in process now.

  • In reply to Chuck Branch:

    Since the BQ25792 is available now, would you suggest to use that instead of the BQ25713?

  • In reply to 6145095:

    I also have a question regarding the Integrated USB Type-C® power delivery (PD) and charging reference design for 2-4 cell batteries" ref design. 

    Why are these regulators on the schematic when the VIN_3V3 net can be tied directly to LDO_3V3?

    Another thing I noticed was the ref design grounded pin 10 and 18 on the TPS25750. Is that incorrect?