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SN54LS244-SP: Radiation Hardness, TID and Displacement Damage info

Part Number: SN54LS244-SP
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SN54LVC646A-SP, SN54AC14-SP


One of my customers is trying to find information regarding Radiation Hardness, TID and Displacement Damage. Is there any information you can provide for this or direct me where to find it?


  • Hi Adam,

    I don't have any specific data on radiation performance for this device. Generally speaking these parts were tested by our customers in the past, but that data is no longer public (JPL closed down their public site with rad data).

    I only have data on a few parts, and they are all CMOS devices, so I think the info won't really be helpful for the LS (bipolar) family of logic.

    You could try reaching out to the customer support team to see if a qualification report is available for the device -- I didn't see anything on the website when I looked, but there may be an internal report they can provide.

  • Hi Emrys,

    Thank you. It seems like we don't have anything archived...are there any other similar parts we can recommend that we have this radiation performance data for?

    Their requirements are below for this system. They are looking for a replacement that has the appropriate test data (i.e. NDD, SEE and TID) for M38510/32403SSA. 

    • Total ionizing dose - 25.8 krad(Si)
    • Displacement damage dose - 5.12E11 neutrons/cm2 fluence (1 MeV)
    • Devices susceptible to a potentially destructive SEE (SEL, SEB, SEGR) at heavy ion LET < 40 MeV-cm2/mg shall not be used



  • Hey Adam,

    The only parts we have with any type of radiation testing that might work are:

    (1) Octal bus transceiver & register - SN54LVC646A-SP -- 50 krad TID (max), QMLV

    (2) Hex Schmitt-trigger inverters - SN54AC14-SP -- 50 krad TID (max), QMLV

  • Thanks Emrys,

    For the SN54AC14-SP. Can you explain the difference between 5962-8762401VDA and 5962-8762402VDA?

  • Hey Adam,

    I'll see if I can dig that up for you tomorrow when I return to work.

  • Hey Adam,

    I was able to dig up the answer on the DLA database site. It looks like both are space-rated parts, but the '401 has a better ESD rating.

    5962-8762401VDA is the W package device, Class 3 ESD (4kV)

    Standard Microcircuit Cross-Reference (

    The above site links to this page:

    5962-8762402VDA is the W package device, Class 1B ESD (500 to 999V)

    Standard Microcircuit Cross-Reference (